Rooted Retreat

Introducing incoming SHSU students to the local body of Christ in Huntsville. Rooted Retreat is a Christ-centered retreat at Sam Houston State University. It is a 3 day retreat experience held in August for incoming students at SHSU. It exists to welcome incoming students to campus and introduce them to the body of Christ in Huntsville by connecting them to other students, local churches, and ministries that will provide biblical community and fellowship founded on the truth of scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It seeks to explicitly share the gospel, allow for students to meet fellow believers, and encourages involvement in a local Huntsville church.

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The Role of the Exec Team

  1. Before you apply for Rooted Retreat’s Executive Team, click here to learn more about the team!  Rooted Retreat Exec Roles.pdf
  2. Once you’ve reviewed that information, take time to understand Rooted Retreat’s Organizational Structure.Rooted Retreat Structure.pdf
  3. Take a look at our Behavior Policy, you will be expected to follow and uphold in order for our ministry to thrive. Behavior Contract
  4. Finally, click here to apply! We’ll be reaching out to schedule Interviews soon, thank you for stepping out in faith! Apply Here!